Visual Content Marketing

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Visual Content Marketing 

Knowing and understanding the definition of content marketing is the essential first step of your visual content marketing strategy.  Let's start out by distinguishing the purpose and differences between the definition of content marketing and visual content marketing.

"Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action."[1]

In other words, ... The definition of content marketing is using text to express a message, idea or information about a product or business.

Many businesses choose to do so through blogs and "how to" articles. "How to" articles are an ingenious way to promote products or a business.

There's nothing more valuable on the web than information. When the information is free it provides the perfect setup to recommend a product to get the DIY job done successfully. When the information is delivered consistently and proves to be easy to follow and accurate, readers will recommend your articles and post to others. 

Let's be clear about a something.... Although information is valuable, its value is dependent on the quality of the content.

Here's an example:

Let's say you're selling microscopes and your concepts of content marketing focuses on providing blog series centered on the uses of microscopes in real world settings.

If your content rivals those of paid publications like Science Minds, and your recommended or pitched products do what you say they will and are of the quality you say they are; you will be wildly successful assuming the blog post are geared toward what people are interested in.

The value of the information you provide will be more valuable than the information in the paid publication because it comes with no strings attached.

Visual content marketing is the use of images to deliver information, ideas, or messages about your products or business. Familiar examples of these concepts of content marketing can be found across social media accounts owned and operated by businesses or entrepreneurs. Look up your favorite ice cream company on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter; you'll see an endless amount of delicious looking images that move you to include, said the product, during your next meal. 

The most successful visual content marketing strategies are delivered in concepts of content marketing that are unique to the product and familiar to the mind. This may appear to be hard to achieve, however, many businesses have done so successfully.

Don't believe it?!......... What do you think of when you see two golden arches? You probably think of McDonald's, and subsequently one of their top selling products: french fries, Big Mac, or cheeseburger. This is what successful visual content marketing accomplishes.

Visual content marketing is undoubtedly the strongest of the concepts of content marketing and will only become more inundated into daily lives. The reason for this is because images move people more than words do. The mind processes and assigns emotions to images far quicker than it does to words.

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