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8 Methods to Create Viral Content

8 ways to have your viral content reach a worldwide audience.  Viral content marketing techniques that works.  Use the proven methods of viral marketing companies.

Yes, it will be pleasant to discover the segments of a viral content post with information that is supported with analysis? Overall, that is precisely what we will show you how to do through this viral content post.


Viral Content Marketing Techniques that Equal Substance

Let it be known! All bloggers and viral marketing companies long to make epic substantial informational posts.  Viral content that spreads like an out of control fire in the online networking market.  On the other hand, any web showcase road as far as that is concerned and this is not a fantasy. We know most huge names within viral marketing companies do it!  We know their mystery process.


8 Proven Viral Content Marketing Methods

These methods are researched as proven beneficial and effective.


First, Short Urls - Use memorable URLS - Viewers and visitors are more likely to click your links if the URL is short.  You can create a free URL at and attract more visitors.

Second, Readable Urls - Use readable URLS - You are likely to receive more clicks on your URLS if people can read them.  Leave the post ID, and dates out of the URL (e.g.

Third, Catchy Headlines - Create eye-catching headlines - Headlines with numbers at the beginning get 37% more clicks than other headlines.  This is followed by headlines with the word 'you' (e.g. Ways You Can Excel, 6 Ways to Excel).  Add an additional 20% more clicks when you use odd numbers opposed to even numbers.

Fourth, Use Brackets - Put a bracket in your headline - If you put a [bracket] in your headline the click through rate of your blog post will be bumped up by 39%.

Fifth, Use Infographics - There is some content that must be placed above the fold of the content to attract and keep the viewers attention. 

       81% more people will read your viral content if you place a colorful image above the fold.  Any image will boost your viral content and create credibility by more than 70%.  Additionally, if the image looks professional you will get almost 50% more shares on social networks.  Do not be afraid to use infographics they get three (3) times more shares

     65% more people will see your social links if you place them above the fold.

      The most popular click through for Adsense and other advertising is above the fold. 

Sixth, Use Bullets - Create your viral content for short easy to read paragraphs.  Include bulleted lists, and subheadings.  This will make your blog post easy to scan and boost your readability by almost 60%.

Seventh, Be Practical - Forget about theory and ideas.  Be completely practical!  Practical means be concerned with action, using or doing the thing, with its application.

Eight, Be Emotional - Get angry, or vice versa.  Research shows high emotion goes viral by almost a 30% hike.

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    The headline is the number one factor when it comes to a post going viral or not. People click on interesting, wacky, fresh titles. There are plenty of good content methods that help a post go viral but creating a powerful headline is the most important. If you just follow everything you’ve mentioned (odd numbers, brackets, using You, etc) your title should be good to go. For example, for this post I would have used “9 Simple Methods You Can Use [Today] to Create Breathtaking, Viral Content” - that’s a headline I would click in a second ;)

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