Press Release

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Press Release

Every business needs a press release to get the news out to the world.  The purpose of the press release becomes very important when you realize how many extra visitors it gets you.  The press release is a little different from the blog post or content article.  A press release is written for journalists, news feeds, newspapers, and such.

Make sure you are writing your press release on a spectacular topic.  The news inside the press release has to be newsworthy.  Such as you just created 1000 jobs, or Jane Fonda just joined your administrative team.  The types of news you do not want to write about is your office was just redecorated.  Your press release must be on a topic that is true news and able to gain notoriety among many.


How to Format Press Releases

Learning how to format press releases is easy.  The most important step to format press releases is your most pertinent information and put it at the top of the page.  When people read your press release, they want to know the main subject.  After the first paragraph, you will loose your interested reader due to a lack of information.

Here are the necessary steps to format press releases.

What does matter in how to format press releases is:

  1.    Find a good content writer, perhaps it is you.  You do not need too many words approximately five hundred words is perfect.
  2.   Your headlines should be bigger than your blog post headlines, and all headlines need to be bold.
  3.       Margin size should be one (1) inch.  This is the standard margin size.
  4.       Use the single space format, and between the paragraphs make sure you put one blank line.
  5.         Do not talk in the first person using the words (me, I).
  6.        Use a standard font.  A popular font to format press releases is Calibri.

It does not matter if your press release is free, or paid. What does matter is your intent to get the news out and distribute.  You will want to track the performance of your press release after it has  hit the public.


Release Sites

Since newspapers are outdated, press release news sites are necessary.  Additionally, newspapers are out of touch with accessing large numbers of readers for mainstream news.  Nobody buys the newspaper anymore.  The best place to get your press release noticed will 'not' be your local newspaper.  Instead, use one of the top press release Internet sites.  We have given you the most popular distribution press release sites here.



Beware, and check all press release sites to see if they actually posted your content.  Some of these press release sites do not post anything after you send your press release information.  Nonetheless, you will without a doubt generate more traffic, leads, and sales to your site and product through your press release.

Create your press release today, and distribute it through a high-ranking press release distribution site for an abundance of free traffic.

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