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Landing Page- How to get online leads?

Suppose you run into an ad that says, “Free Video Explaining A-Z of CRM,” what is the primary thing you expect to see on the screen once you click on it? A video, right?


If the ad directs you to a website that contains millions of options to choose from, chances are that you will lose interest in it. You will probably exit that ad and continue surfing the internet until you land on the right page that directly offers you the service you need.


Turn the tables around and think- if the ad were yours, would you want to lose a customer so easily? We know your answer. The digital world has seen rising popularity in what is called a “web landing page.”


Landing Pages are a new means of gaining customers by preventing a “traffic-leak”- the experience that we described above. Researches have shown that increasing the number of landing pages to 10-15 on a website increases the company’s leads by 55%. Aim for a higher number of landing pages for getting more traction.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a company’s one-page platform that directs customers to one, and only one, Call for Action. All significant online companies that depend on internet trafficking necessarily need landing pages, over and above the homepage, to increase their customer-connectivity and online promotion.


A landing page is a separately governed page that contains details and information that the customer out rightly demands without distractions. The primary purpose of web-landing is to give customers incentives to shift their attention to your product or service immediately.


A typical website contains top and lower bars, navigating links, buttons for multiple calls for actions, etc. Such crowding interferes with the attention ratio of a customer visiting your website for the first time. To pitch your services in a more coherent and organized manner, use web-landing to trim your motives.

Purpose of A Landing Page

Any online business needs a landing page for the following purposes:

1.   To sell a product:

You want customers to consume your service, but first, you must introduce them to your product and state why it is the best.


However, every customer is not looking for a descriptive “About Us” and lengthy “Product Descriptions”. If they are willing to buy a product, they might not want to go through the detailed reading of your website. It would distract them from their immediate objective. That is why you need a landing page.


? In that context, there are varied functions that web-landing serves. You should be getting optimized marketing and conversion if you have invested in getting online leads. If that does not happen, it is time you go over your landing page.


A landing page represents your service in the way you want to market or display it. Unlike a home page, that leads to many dimensions, web-landing is intrinsically dependent on giving an overview of specific picks and directing the audience to a stand-alone action.


It vividly and states why your service is the best, by providing viewers information and reviews of services from customers. It directs them to one call-for action, and that is to buy your product or service. Ecommerce websites usually have many landing pages, each of them leading to one product. 

2.   To generate online leads.

The second function is to attain traffic on your website by pursuing visitors. However, how do you attract visitors in the first place? Through web landing. You give people a value proposition or an incentive through an ad. On clicking the advertisement, the customers come to your landing page, which further asks them for their details.


Using those details, you gain the medium to communicate with your customers and further pitch your business. You get to explain your services in their email box. Most likely, customers will then follow up on your website.


Converting online leads to better traction is significant if you want more people to consume your services. Digital marketing through landing pages becomes more necessary for your business than you thought it to be. Commonly, a lead generation page has one of the following elements:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Free Videos
  • Online courses and free guides
  • eBooks
  • Webinars

3.   To maintain a connection with the customer

Converting a visitor into a customer is fascinating and an excellent way to set the foundation of your relationship with them.


When you provide business information in exchange for their contact information, initiated through a form or survey, you assess their preferences and likes through data-centric analysis.


Providing your service becomes a more straightforward prospect now. You can examine which policies work best for this customer and subsequently strategize to gain their attention.

Tips to Create A Fast Converting Landing Page

Unfortunately, statistics say that 77% of landing pages are home pages. This fact is highly problematic for companies as a landing page targets a customer with one call for action while a home page describes the entire service. If used interchangeably, companies could lose potential customers as home pages divert their attention to information instead of action.


If you are among that 77%, it is time to immediately solve this problem and clear the path to promote your business better. Here are a few tips that can help in building a high-converting landing page.

1.   Crisp and Direct Content

We cannot insist enough on the need to cut down the fluff and keep your content on point. If your landing page has information that is unable to catch the customer’s attention, then it is a gone case already. Remember:

❏     Create informative headlines.

❏     Declare an attractive value proposition.

❏     List out statements that further prove the value of your service.

❏     Include reviews and social indicators that pass your service.

2.   Ask Questions Readers Can Readily Answer

Do not pose personal questions. If you ask a customer their age or designation, they are most likely to just chuck filling your form. These are things that they are not ready to discuss in their first introduction with a company.

3.   Use Organized Graphics

If you are creating a web landing page to introduce your product, pay more attention to how you organize your content in the form of graphics and videos. Make the page appealing and interactive so that no one must take a second look to register your information. Remember:

❏     Let the form appear singularly on the screen.

❏     Do not allow navigation unless customers fill the form.

❏     Create space for questions.

❏     Locate the Call-for-action button at the top and the bottom

4.   Give More Offers

Remember two simple things- a) Giving two small offers is always better than providing one big scheme and b) The value of your offer should be less than the value of your product or service. You do not want customers to pursue only the incentives but also your business, which has more prominent opportunities for them.

5.   Invest in Tools That Create Landing Pages

The most obvious reason for this is that tools such as HubSpot and Marketing Sherpa give you first-hand agency over your landing page. You do not have to depend on any team member. Plus, these tools come with data-analysis, which further gives your insight into the progress and testing of your landing page.

Our Recommendation--HubSpot--For Creating Interactive Landing Pages

Are you looking for free services that can create your landing page without taxing your time and energy? HubSpot is our top recommendation. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Easy and free access to landing page-builder.
  2. Neat Templates designed especially for you
  3. Brilliant Rating of 4.5 on Capterra for its Customer Relationship Management
  4. SEO-optimized content suggestion
  5. Data-driven marketing optimization and digital promotion
  6. Service for detailed examination over online leads
  7. Advises you on how to pursue online leads

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a change that can redefine your brand’s success, choose to build a branding page now. According to a survey, you can gain a customer’s attention through your landing page in the first 8 seconds itself.


So, if you are looking for better traffic, invest with a company such as HubSpot, which can optimize your conversion. 

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