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Why Not Use Crowdfunding for Business

Crowdfunding for business is not a new concept. The first crowdfunding campaign existed in 1885 in the United States when the Statue of Liberty needed a base for its monument.  High-ranking sources could not afford the project, and a crowdfunding campaign began.  They received small donations, from a newspaper add, and more than 160 thousand people.  Additionally, crowdfunding business again became popular within the year, 1997.   A rock group called Marillion gained notoriety by raising $60,000 in donations from fans.     

Crowdfunding can be lucrative.  Although, many business owners and entrepreneurs, especially out of the United States, have never heard of it. The advantages of raising money through a crowdfunding campaign are phenomenal.  According to research in one year, 2013 crowdfunding sites and its industry leaders made more than $5.1 billion dollars internationally.  Now that is big business!

Crowdfunding Definition

Funding project ventures through the receipt of small amounts of money from large amounts of people.  The funding is usually Internet dominant.  But, don't stop there crowdfunding sites also include benefits, and events such as donations that are garnered for awareness, mail order subscription business and many more.  If you want to create an alternative form of finance, you would use a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Loans

Let's discuss how you may receive crowdfunding loans from many available sources. If you have a new innovative product or line of products.  Provide early access to prospective funders.  Ask them to take part in the development of the project.  This will also raise awareness for your product, giving a big boost to your reputation. Do not forget family or your trusty friends.  Your very lucrative crowd funding source campaign can benefit highly from them.  Through their passion for you and your product can help attract other funding participants. Who qualifies for crowdfunding loans?  Anyone that has a business makes them a qualifier. 

Crowdfunding Sites

You should create a crowdfunding campaign to ask for more funds for your business. Long ago, mainly musicians were taking advantage of crowdfunding.  Now, everyone are getting in on the action.

Do you have a business with the following interests?


Software development

Inventions of any type

Civic projects

Video production

Scientific research

These are the basics but there are wide ranges of other purposes.  If you have one of these businesses create a crowdfunding campaign. 

Donation buttons are a form of crowdfunding.  Start the practice of putting donation buttons on your entire Internet based business ventures.  However, do not be limited to donation buttons.  A system put into place through your own crowdfunding site, will help your business, receive money from donors.   Start today and create a specific web-based crowdfunding extension to your business that will attract donors.  The profound benefits you can receive are well worth the effort. 

Stop Struggling Now!  This financial funding concept will help your business succeed.  Display your business and your unique projects on an international level.  As an entrepreneur, you will create another avenue of funds to help keep your business strong.

Receive big benefits and donors.  Set up your crowdfunding site today! For a step by step guide to crowdfunding download Crowdfunding Tips Ebook From Equidam.














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