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 Blogging The Boys Tips for 2020

Blogging has been a trend for a very long time. People have been blogging about their life, technological advancements, healthcare, and much more. But it is not easy to set up a blog and keep it running. And it is even more challenging to make money off it.


Most bloggers rely on traffic from Google or various social media. But unless your blog comes at the top of the results, it is hard to attract traffic. People hardly go beyond the first or second page of results.


Wordpress is one of the highly preferred platforms for blogs, and there are more than 70 million blog posts per month.


For your blog to be successful in 2020, you need to follow certain tips and techniques to compete with popular blogs. This article focuses on blogging for dummies, and it will help you manage blogs better.


Here are some general tips for blogging the boys.



Create Quality Content for the readers

Most of the new bloggers go behind having the content keyword-rich but end up with an average or below average article. Yes, keywords help to direct a great amount of traffic to the blog, but the content should be worthy enough to be read.


Ensure that your posts have genuine and wholesome content that may intrigue the readers and make them follow your blog often than not. The right number of keywords and content is necessary for any blog to attract readers.


Your content needs to be unique, and it needs to interest the readers. You can write content that even you may read one day. For any blog to be active, you need to be consistent. You can post every day or a couple of times every week.

Respond to the comments and email

Any active blog needs to have a comment section and an email address. But just having a comment section is not enough, the writer of the post or the admin of the blog must reply to the comments. It ensures a healthy relationship with your readers. It might solve some of their doubts and even provide you more insight into the posts.


Some users who are uncomfortable with the comment section may contact you via email. They might provide you excellent feedback or praise your posts and even suggest future posts that they would like to see.


That way, your readers are satisfied and happy. They feel valued and respected; hence increasing the traffic gradually.

Design well

The main highlight of any blog is not just the content; the design and responsiveness also matter. If your blog looks attractive and functions well, it will attract more readers.


The whole layout of your blog can be unique and choosing the right combination of colors is necessary. The user experience is a key factor for the success of any blog. New users must be able to navigate through your blog easily.


Modern blogs are compatible with all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, or PC. It means that if anyone opens your blog on any device, it must be optimized for that device.

Perfect SEO

Since bloggers mainly rely on Google search traffic, their blogs must heavily optimized for SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it refers to optimizing your blog so that it appears at the top of search results related to your blog content.


To run any blog, you need to an excellent writer as well as an SEO expert. There are various tutorials on YouTube and various other websites on SEO and taking quick training might help your blog a lot.

Diversify your content


Various blogs these days contain diverse content, be it text, audio, or video. There are different types of audiences for every kind of content, and having such diversity helps promote your blog better.


If your blog can reach out to a varied audience, there are higher chances of them clicking on your posts.  People follow various blogs for various topics and having all of them covered in one blog is easier and efficient.


You can attach various videos, audio clips, and images from other pages or social media to help support the content.

Even before social media was a huge thing, people used to consume content via blogs that had diverse content. Traditional blogs did well for quite some time, but then diversifying content became more popular, and people started posting all types of material on their blogs.


Blogs these days must be unique and diverse to reach out to more readers. People follow various topics and if you cover all of them in your blog, then it can be a huge plus point.


Even if your blog is informative, tech-related, and provides the right guidance for your audience, people will not browse unless you have pictures or some other content to keep them engaged. They may read the first couple of paragraphs and get bored.


There are many blog sites that are on the constant hunt for writers or for content, and you can post your work on their blog.


Top blogs such as Forbes and Business Insider accept guest post submissions, where you can submit your articles to them via email. They have specific guidelines and word limits and if your content seems worthy, they will post it on their blog.


Unlike guest posts, there are also blogs that are willing to pay you for the content that you provide. The amount may vary based on the word count and quality of the article.


There are many websites that pay more than $50 for an article, such as Fine Parent, Wow Women on Writing, Strong Whispers, and many more.


Video blogs, popularly known as vlogs, have become a modern way of creating content. People generally make vlogs about their day to day life or vacations, trips, anything that can interest the viewers. The most popular platform to post video blogs is YouTube.


There are blogs where you can upload breathtaking photos and build your audience. You can share them online. There are multiple categories and numerous creators on such blogs.


Websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Photoblog also allow you to post your images and share them online. While Instagram is not great for all niches, you can turn to Pinterest where you can pin and repurpose the content available on the platform.


With social media becoming popular, many people have shifted their blogging to such platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.


Instead of hosting a blog, people now create social media accounts and blog there. Vlogs and images were posted on such platforms to gain an active following community.

Blog Sites are the Best for SEO Domain Authority


Blogging the boys also includes SEO optimization and SEO Domain Authority. Before we talk about how blog sites are the best for SEO domain Authority, let us have a look at what Domain Authority is.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that helps to predict how well the website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A domain authority score can be between one to 100, and the higher the score, the better the ranking.


Domain Authority is calculated by analyzing and evaluating multiple factors such as links to root domains, number of total links, all into one DA score.


You can check your site’s DA score using the MozBar (which is a free SEO toolbar). The Domain Authority metrics have been incorporated into multiple SEO and online marketing platforms.


Domain Authority Score is set on a logarithmic scale where it is easier to grow from 10 to 30 than it is to grow from 60 to 80.


Websites that have high-quality external links such as Wikipedia or Google are at the top of the Domain Authority scale whereas other websites with fewer inbound links have a lower DA score.

Blog Sites and SEO Domain Authority

Managing a blog generally means having to focus on SEO optimization, which Domain Authority is a part of.


However, a high DA score does not mean everything for your blog. It should be used as a comparative metric rather than an absolute score.


To improve your DA score, you need to improve your overall SEO. The Domain Authority is also a relative, scaled system, so even if you improve your website link quantity and quality, your DA score can go down.


Your blogs can have better SEO Domain Authority if there are enough high-quality links inbound and outbound. You can link from one blog content to another to help readers stay better engaged with your blog.


You can internally link words and phrases to other posts on your blog. This makes the search engine crawl your website more and your audience will be able to discover more content. However, you also need to avoid overdoing the linking as it needs to offer significant value to the readers.


You may be tempted to link your post to various other blogs and web pages, but only do so for the relevant ones.


You also need to post content that can be linked by other websites as this boosts your rank. Another blog with similar content may link to your blog to help its readers get better clarity.


To improve your overall SEO score, you need your blog content to be SEO optimized with keywords to direct the right traffic. You can also link to other articles and blogs that are reputable and offer the right content for your readers to expand their knowledge.


Longer and in-depth blog posts are preferred by search engines. The longer your blog post, the better chances it has of appearing at the top of the search engine results. However, longer blog posts can also scare off readers as not all of them will even reach the bottom of the post.


You can write readable long posts with shorter paragraphs and take advantage of bullet lists and subheadings, making it easier to read on all devices, especially mobile phones.


Another great way to optimize your blog is to optimize your pictures. This will help your page load faster. Faster page-load times can have quite an impact. You need to avoid putting large photos that can increase the load time.


Once you have decided on a photo, use a compression software that can optimize your image for your website without losing quality.


This is how you can improve your blog’s SEO Domain Authority.




For your blog to become successful and active, you need to attract traffic, and for that, you need to market your blog on various social media platforms. It can be as simple as having a Twitter handle or Instagram page. Social media marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make your blog popular.

Managing a blog is like running any business; you need to promote it, sell your content, and retain the readers.


You can post updates about your blog on these platforms and provide the link to direct to your website. That way, you can attract people from all social media platforms and not just from Google search.

Use multiple plug-ins

If you create your blog on WordPress or any other platform, you will be given the freedom to add various plug-ins that help manage your blog better.


Wordpress websites are equipped with multiple plug-ins so that it runs smoothly and provides multiple features to the readers. The admin can integrate various plug-ins that help maintain the posts and even help to polish the content.


Managing SEO also becomes easier, and you can monitor the reach of your posts as well.

Build your Brand Identity

Google search results overlook a regular blog with no profile or contact information for the readers. There are web crawlers that go through your page to look for keywords and other factors that determine whether your blog is worthy of being on the result page.


Along with an attractive web page, you can add a logo, create writer profiles, add a contact information page and invest in a good web hosting service.


Blogging for dummies is not easy, and there are various techniques to follow. Quality content is a must, and you need not focus on quantity.


Once your audience recognizes the quality of your posts, they will automatically help increase traffic from their recommendations.






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