How to write compelling blogs about your industry?

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How to write compelling blogs about your industry


Some might say that our current world is all about the internet. Implying, the way we communicate with our loved ones, the way we met up new people or even the way we did business is all online. There are no surprises that the world has shifted towards the digital realm as it has made our daily proceedings much more efficient. Today’s blog will essentially look at business marketing and how it really is executed in an efficient manner. Before we delve into the subject matter, we should start with a little exercise. Imagine you want a service for your home or a product that you are looking to buy. It all starts with a single search over a search engine such as Google.


Another scenario that is much more effective however is that once you are surfing around the internet maybe looking for answers you might run into blog sites. These blog sites are typically categorized as informational or DIY blogs. We are sure that you must have run on a blog while surfing the internet and might have even read it. Well, this is how marketers work these days, by educating their potential customers. Forum marketing is another solid technique which you can use to promote your blog over different platforms.


Blogging is all about creating content that is compelling and can make a difference on the reader. Most companies regardless of their industry are engaged in blogging. However, most of these companies also fail to create content that is uplifting or compelling. Hence, the ultimate result is disappointment as blog creation can be a tough job. We do believe that by following a few rules and improvisation one can keep on creating engaging blogs over a long period of time. Here are few of the ways through which you can create compelling blogs about your industry:


Corporate or a Formal Tone can Hurt:

To generate a new lead through your blog one of the most important things you can do is to make the writing tone a little less formal. Most people think that making it formal is better because professionalism is what customers are looking for. While that may be true but at this point of time, what they are really looking for is to understand things. And the best way to capitalize on this is to make yourself sound energetic or maybe even a little humorous. Of course, you need to focus on the content as well.


The Industry:

The niche that you are writing in or the business industry you are involved in is important and should be the center point of your blog. Yes, we know that it can be tough to keep on creating industry specific blogs, but this is how one can build brand. If you recreate blogs that are already published over the internet, then there is no point to recreate them again as you are basically not adding anything new that might bring some noise. Start by researching about your industry in details. Keep on the lookout for news or some major point of discussion that might lead towards a debate. This is how you can build integrity and a following over the internet.


Put 90% of your Creative Energy on the Headline and the First Paragraph:

Content marketing is swiftly you can catch a reader’s eye. And how do you do that? Well, to receive attention to what you have to say, you need to have full grip over what you are about to write. Headlines matter not only because of SEO but also its the first thing a reader reads. If your headline can pique the interest of a customer, then the next step becomes even more important and here you need to put forward a compelling case. We are talking about the first paragraph which normally is around a hundred words. These hundred words are your secret weapon and to get a new lead all your strengths and efforts should be geared towards it.


Catching a reader's attention can be done in another way which is of utmost importance in E-marketing. Maybe you should try attracting the audience by using emotional words that might compel them to click. Or maybe you can offer a benefit that a reader might get after reading the complete blog. Regardless of what strategy you use, know the fact that the headline and your first paragraph are of paramount importance.


Start Collecting Emails:

An email address can be primarily classified as lead. However, it is much more than just a lead. It is a prospective customer that you have managed to somehow get information from. Making an email list for any industry blog is quite important as it essentially offers a pathway that you can use to keep your connection with a reader. Regardless of whether he or she got any service from you, the email itself is a testimony that you made the person interested in what you have to offer. It really is about connections and maintaining them. An email list exactly does that and supports your blog in an amazing way.


Ask a Reader to Sign Up: Business marketing requires a lot of hustle. Do you remember ever stumbling upon a blog which had a pop up asking for you to sign in? Well yes, that is annoying but can be an effective technique in the overall process of blog writing. Use strategic locations however to place the sign-up button where it is visually aesthetic and not annoying. This technique will also help you to engage more viewers and potentially many more leads.

Hire a Freelance Writer: Here is a question that might be bothering some of you? What if you run out of ideas or maybe you are just too busy to engage in blog writing? Well, if that is the case then its time hire a freelance writer. One thing is important though, freelance writing service providers might be a little fishy or might offer bad services. Hence, it is extremely important you look for a writer in a well-known freelance writing platform like Fiverr or Upwork. Go through the seller’s profile and read the reviews, which will ultimately tell you whether to hire or not.


Take a Walk & Allocate Time: We are not even joking. Sometimes a walk or exercising can let the creative juices flowing. The truth of the matter is that writing new content that is compelling requires a lot of time and dedication. But of course, the result is positive and helps towards maintaining an online presence for your business. So, whenever you feel stuck on what to write, then taking a walk might help in brainstorming. Time allocation is also an important aspect for a writer, you should dedicate 30 minutes or more to writing/researching your industry trends. Leads will follow, you just must make a compelling case for your company.


Content marketing plays a central role in the realm of E-marketing. Whether you like it or not, forum marketing is one of the most important things that you as a company should be engaged in. It really is about making a compelling case for your company and how you stand out from your competitors. To create compelling articles for blog sites, you must have a firm grip over the knowledge as well every aspect that is attached to the entire process of content creation.




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