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Blog Posting

Blog posting is easy but there are a few necessary steps to follow when you want to know how to write a blog post correctly.


How to write a blog post

Want to know how to write a blog post?  In blog, posting you will find the most important actions to take.  These guidelines will help you make content that are easy for visitors to adhere to and process, and make them faithful lovers of your weblog. 

  1.  The first things to do before starting your blog post is consider the reason for the post.  Are you selling something?  If so focus on how the product can help the buyer.  Do you want to get their e-mail?  If so, give the visitor they cannot refuse in exchange for their e-mail information.  After all, they are on your page because they want information.  Value your visitor, and give them an awesome gift of free information. 
  2.  Secondly, in answer to your question how to write a blog post?  You will organize the information with highlight headings, and bulleted information sections. People like information they can skim.
  3.  Always add an image, a blank page without images are boring.  The more interest you add to your blog posting the more visitors you will receive.
  4.  Keep your reader happy by staying on subject with your headings.
  5.  Conclude with a call to action.

Here are some other very important steps to learning how to write a blog post.  Follow this blog posting process and get more visitors to your site.


Blog Posting with Passion

Contrary to standard beliefs if you want to know how to write a blog post remember the information you present is about what you like, and not about the audience.  Write from a personal point of view.  Yes, when you write passionately about a subject the audience will follow.  Think of it this way, if you are interested in the niche subject others are interested too. 

After all, who doesn’t want friends that share their passions, and interests?  We all do want an audience that reads our blog posts, and shares them with others.  Sharing is what blog posting on the Internet is all about.   When you write with passion, you give more information, make the writing more interesting, and gain more friends who feel your personality. 

Blog Posting with Keyword Research

Google will love you for writing with passion.  Google is the number one source to bring you the audience you crave.  Google can bring your audience through paid advertising or free keyword optimization.  Thus, the next step in how to write a blog post that gets visitors is keyword research.  For paid advertising, you do not need to optimize your content.  However, if you will use free keyword advertising you will need keyword research, and search engine optimization (SEO) of your content.

Ensure that your keywords are popular more that 5,000 visitors per month, have low competition from other sites, and pay a minimum cost per click (CPC) of $1 per hit.  Now, with these measurements in place you will bring in a large crowd, and make some AdSense money on YouTube, or your site.

  • your post should be at least 350 words


Free Blog Post Sites

The top two free blog post sites on the entire Internet are Wordpress, and Google. 

  • Wordpress

Highly recommended is Wordpress because you will start getting visitors right away.  In addition, within the Wordpress software, you are given access to many templates, for great design looks.  Most importantly, Google loves WordPress.

Unlike other free blog post sites, you might wait for years before you get a visitor.  It does not matter if your site was optimized or not. 

Free Wordpress does not offer AdSense, and this is the only downside. 

  • Google Blogger

Google blogger is another free site that should be very popular.  One reason people should use it is because Google owns this blog site, and connects you with Youtube, and Google Plus automatically.  Additionally, you can use AdSense on this free blog site.

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    Great blogging tips! I try to start every blog post by thinking of my target audience for that particular post. Who am I writing for? What does this person look like? What are his needs? How does he consume content, on which devices, at what time? How can I make things easier for this person? How can I make sure he will get the best out of what I write? By focusing on my reader, I can usually create something that helps the reader and doesn’t just make me happy for writing it. My end goal is to help my reader solve a problem or entertain him (depending on the niche) or both.

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