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A Guide to Affordable Digital Advertising Using Billboards


Even with the rapid advancements in the technology of online advertising, there is no promotion that is bigger and modern than digital billboard advertising that will no doubt grab the crowd's eyeball. In the present economic scenario, traditional media platforms are operating under tremendous pressure. Thus, digital billboard advertising is being expected to grow exponentially. Around$8 billion was spent on billboards in the US in the last year.


Why are People Considering Digital Billboard for Advertisements?

Not only have advances in technology made billboard advertising cost-efficient, it has also helped create high-quality and Affordable Billboard Advertising for less time and less money.


  • Digital Billboard advertising is one of the most affordable options for advertising, and it surely has plausible benefits. In today's time, digital billboards are used exactly like their predecessors - to display the promotional product and provide some necessary information about it.


  • Digital billboards constitute around 62% of all outdoor advertising, and the most noteworthy benefit of adopting Affordable Billboard Advertising is that it is much cheaper than TV advertising, by about 80%, and about 60% cheaper than the newspaper ads.


  • One of the main advantages of technology influencing any field is that they introduce cost-effective techniques and save time. Digital billboard advertising has become less costly than before. There are new methods of printing and various more methods to provide faster and better services.



Effectiveness of Digital Billboards


There is much to say about digital billboard advertising effectiveness. A few of its benefits are listed below here.

  • Digital billboards look more attractive to potential customers, making a good impression on them.
  • Like any other billboard, digital billboards also create brand awareness.
  • Newer products that are launched can be advertised effectively.
  • It has the potential to reach many customers.

Factors That Will Affect The Digital Billboard Advertising Cost

Digital billboard advertising costs are measured in terms of cost per mile (CPM) or cost per thousand impressions. These measures are majorly affected by the circulation, demographics and impacts of the advertisement.


These factors together form the billboard's out-of-home (OOH) rating, which is determined by an audience measurement tool, Geopath.


A billboard’s out-of-home (OOH) rating is generally based on three factors:

1) Circulation

Circulation is the total amount of traffic that passes by your billboard. It is generally accumulated from the transportation authorities. However, this does not take into consideration whether the traffic views your ad or not.

2) Demographics

The demographics of the billboard are separating your viewers by age, gender, income level, and other factors. This helps to analyze the crowd that responds to your advertisement based on their age, gender, and even income levels. If you want your ads to reach families with high income, then you need to invest in billboards in localities they visit often.

3) Impressions

Every ad can only attract customers if people see them. Impressions are the number of people who are likely to view your ads based on the size and position of the billboard, speed, and visibility of people passing by.

Why are digital billboard Cost-Effective?


  • A digital billboard will display images electronically, which can be changed automatically at a set interval time. Digital billboards are considered more targeted, dynamic, and flexible
  •  than most traditional boards because the content can smartly change with every few seconds. Digital billboard advertising usually costs from $1,000 to $10,000 or sometimes more, which normally depends on the location.


  • Digital billboards will allow you greater flexibility when you are looking for length and the right timing for your campaign. Whereas you will find traditional outdoor advertising usually tends to work in between 2-week blocks, digital billboards do not. Placement and Production schedules are more flexible for digital billboards, which means that you can begin and end a digital advertisement whenever you decide to.


  • The cost of creating a digital billboard is cheaper compared to other methods of advertisements. There are no materials such as paper or posters required. You’ll also save much money by not having to print your ads. It will eventually help to optimize the profitability of your campaign.


  • Traditional billboards almost always have been more cost-effective over a longer period But you will find they also have their limits. For example, you cannot make changes in your traditional billboard advertisement whereas make easy changes to your digital billboard ads.


  •  It’s fair enough to say that digital billboards are also a fluid and flexible advertising channel. It also enables customers to make real-time adjustments. Digital billboard’s installation costs might not be directly relevant to many advertisers who are seeking to rent a digital billboard. However, these digital billboards have become a commonplace, so rental prices have become more affordable.      

Digital Billboards Vs Traditional Print Billboards


More modern and dynamic content: With digital billboard advertisements, you can have moving images. It works to capture viewers’ attention far more than a traditional billboard. Digital billboards were made to be more cost-effective than conventional print billboards.


Flexible: One of the main advantages of a digital billboard is that you can make changes to your advertisements with no extra cost. If required, you can live-stream your ads and live content from your websites or social media for more control over the billboards.


Better targeting: As digital billboards are flexible; you can display different ads during specific times of the day based on the consumer's needs and circumstances. For example, after-work commuters can be targeted with ads about nearby restaurants and their deals.

 Smart Billboard Technologies: New technologies influence different sectors by providing cost-effective alternatives to current technologies. Digital billboards use LEDs that have a long life and provide excellent quality ads. Let’s have a look at new and smart billboard technologies that are being used.

  • Beacons: A low powered Bluetooth technology that can be used to push notifications to a wide range of mobile devices, are currently being utilized alongside digital advertising efforts.
  • Vehicle Recognition Technology: Modern billboards can do much than just displaying multiple ads. These billboards are being equipped with sensors to adjust the advertisements based on the environment. This helps the ads to target the travelers effectively based on the surroundings. In such a case, the commuters are more likely to view the ads on the billboard. 


More Geolocation Marketing: Just by using cameras and sensors on a smart billboard, it cannot determine the behavior or habits of a person. Modern billboards can have onboard cameras and sensors to detect the different types of vehicles passing by, but they cannot read the behavior and habits of the commuters.


To arrive at this conclusion, digital billboard advertisers are taking the help of big-data vendors to analyze data from mobile phones in the region, using this data, advanced billboard cameras can visually tag cars. Also, advertisers may be able to assemble an accurate picture of the travel habits of commuters. It will allow them to present you with exclusive deals and offers catered to your tastes.

Cost-efficient: Digital billboards tend to be more cost-effective than their counterparts, mainly in the long run. If you have more changes in your advertising campaign, then digital billboards will save you a lot of money. The digital billboards also vary in their costs and pricing depending upon their vendors.

Why Should we Consider Blip?

Blip is your local online marketing partner and is available 24/7 365 days a year. Blip appeals to advertisers, agencies, and digital strategists who want to include Out-of-Home or commonly known as OOH in the marketing campaigns. 

 They are already buying a few other forms of media online, including social, digital, and other media. Blip simplifies and streamlines the billboard ad buying process and is attractive to advertisers with budgets of any size.

Depending on your campaign impact on your target local or national market, they give you the flexibility to change your ads at any time. Blip experience is designed to make billboard advertising as easy as possible while providing you with the necessary changes to create a campaign suiting your needs and helping you reach the right audience and at the right time.

 How does Blip Work for you?

Pick Your Digital Billboards: Pick your own suitable digital billboard locations and schedule for whichever days and times you think your advertisement is eligible to be shown.

 Set Your Budget: Any budget is a fair game. Set a daily budget and indicate the budget of what you're thinking or willing to pay each time whenever your ad is shown.

 Upload Your Artwork: You can anytime upload your creative creation or use their $50 Design Service.

 Launch Your Campaign: You will have the choice where your ads will be displayed and even on your selected boards. Blip has a vast marketplace and some boards might temporarily have a very high demand, resulting in your ads not being displayed until demand becomes normal.







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