Online Advertising Strategies

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Powerful & Affordable Strategies for Online Advertising

Let us introduce you to all the various online advertising strategies that will help you create an affordable and flexible online advertising budget.

Create Podcast Ads

Podcast ads have become increasingly popular, and they allow you to promote your business and engage your audience by building an immersive connection. You can even share and sponsor podcasts that are most relevant to your product or services or create your very own podcast.

YouTube Commercial

Despite being the most widely used social media platform, YouTube is largely overlooked by NGOs, churches and small businesses while making online advertising efforts. YouTube allows you to reap countless advantages, and the best part is, it costs absolutely nothing to run a commercial on the site.

So, if you have an existing TV commercial, you can extend its shelf life without having to pay for any more airing time. YouTube will run your commercial for you and the viewers who like your services or products can be guided towards your website.

Not-for-Profit Strategies  

 NGOs and non-governmental organizations can benefit from multiple not-for-profit advertising tricks and strategies. For instance, you can seek out professionals who can volunteer their services for free just to build a brand image. Furthermore, the Donate Now button on Facebook has emerged as the most innovative strategy to raise money to fund ventures and volunteer program. The Google Ad Grants program allows you to reap an award of $10,000 if you qualify for free advertising.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are an extremely cost-effective and hassle-free method of generating real-time traffic to your website, and it doesn’t even require you to set up an Instagram profile or account. Facebook directly manages the ads, and with every click on an Instagram ad, the user is directly taken to the website without filtering through the profile. The best part is, Facebook provides more than 600 targeting options to specify your Instagram ads and achieve all your advertising goals.

Video remarketing

Creating remarketing lists in Google Analytics and then importing them to Google AdWords has emerged as a popular and cost-effective adverting strategy. However, most online advertisers make the mistake of remarking their lists directly in Google AdWords, which causes this approach to lose its effectiveness. If you take care to use both the Google tools, you can make the most of your video ads. Here’s a powerful tip to boost advertising goals: Install the Facebook pixel so you can customize your Facebook audience and retarget your specific consumer audience with relevant video ads.

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