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Employee Owned Companies

Employee-Owned Business:  A Path into the Future In today’s capitalist world, with huge corporations in towering skyscrapers, there is nothing that the modern consumer cannot get. Capitalism has given us a choice and freedom, and jobs with relative security. But capitalism, like any other seemingly beautiful thing, has its ugly side. A side with exploitation and bureaucratic distance between corporate big shots and the ‘common’ employee.   We’d think that any attempt to bridge this gap would be futile and pointless. Is it possible to prioritize the integration of employees into the companies that they work alongside the overall well-being and prosperity of the company? Well, companies like Publix and Packard have taken steps to mend the gap by becoming Employee-Owned Companies.   An Employee Owned Company, better known as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), is a type of employee benefit plan that encourages employees to acquire stocks or ownership in the company.  ESOPs function in a reasonably straightforward way and are held accountable by certain strict rules to ensure that the ownership stakes are divided among employees fairly and equitably. In return, companies and their owners get a rather substantial tax incentive.   To become employee-owned, a company…

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Blogging The Boys

 Blogging Tips for 2020 Blogging has been a trend for a very long time. People have been blogging about their life, technological advancements, healthcare, and much more. But it is not easy to set up a blog and keep it running. And it is even more challenging to make money off it.   Most bloggers rely on traffic from Google or various social media. But unless your blog comes at the top of the results, it is hard to attract traffic. People hardly go beyond the first or second page of results.   Wordpress is one of the highly preferred platforms for blogs, and there are more than 70 million blog posts per day.   For your blog to be successful in 2020, you need to follow certain tips and techniques to compete with popular blogs. This article focuses on blogging for dummies, and it will help you manage blogs better.   Here are some general tips for blogging the boys.     Create Quality Content for the readers Most of the new bloggers go behind having the content keyword-rich but end up with an average or below average article. Yes, keywords help to direct a great amount of traffic…

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Amazon Top Holiday Sellers 2019

Top Selling Products on Amazon This Holiday Season     What is hot on Amazon right now? Their list of best-sellers should give you a hint. Shoppers frequent this website to find the best deals on some amazing products to give as gifts for the holiday season. These are just a few of the Amazon best sellers 2019. They make great gifts and they’re awesome.   Echo Dot 3rd Gen Speaker   The Echo Dot 3rd Gen Speaker lets you add Alexa to any room in your home. The look of the speaker has been improved and comes in a choice of colors so you can customize it to any room in your house. The smart technology lets you control things like your TV, lights, and stream music from Amazon Music from any room. You can also turn off the microphone on each device when you want a little privacy. Some things you can do with the Echo Dot with Alexa:  Play music - hands-free. You can stream songs from Amazon’s extensive music library, Spotify, Sirius XM, Apple Music, and others. Check news, weather, and ask questions about people, places, or events and get answers from Alexa with references…

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